Let’s be Real

Hey Guys

Look, I know. Two posts in one evening. But please, forgive me, for there are days (few of them but they exist) where I post nothing, and so a double-post day should be like a make-up day, agreed?

I was having a think this evening, and began to think about positivity. Positivity is what people admire in other people, especially those who have a disability, or a reason to be negative. Positivity is the ability to jump out of bed on a Monday morning in winter with a smile on your face, without the usual moans and groans that the rest of us have. It’s the ability to keep an optimistic frame of mind when life throws up an awkward situation which there’s nothing you can do about.

But, for a moment, just think. We’re always told to stay positive, because that’s what will get us through life. But, really, let’s be real guys: that’s not possible. Oh look, there’s my inner negative self. Seriously though, being positive and smiley 24/7 isn’t possible and, quite frankly, isn’t real. No one is always happy, and we all have our down days. Yes, of course you can cover it with a smile, a few jokes and a happy meal (don’t get me started on those…), but that’s not real.

Surely, then, a better idea is just to present yourself each day as you truly feel. I’m not saying that you should slag off your best friend because you hate them, because that’s something different. I’m saying that if you’re feeling sad, why hide it with a smile when there’s no reason? At least by showing it, people are aware, and you’re not faking anything; it’s realistic. Positive thinking is wonderful, and should be utilised whenever possible – if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I think that’s a great skill to possess. But everyone has their off days, and we need to accept them, and just acknowledge them. There’s nothing wrong with them, really.

What do you think? Do you think that regardless, we should wear our smiles and act as if nothing’s wrong? Or do you think we should own up to however we feel? Let me know…


9 thoughts on “Let’s be Real

  1. Well, I really think it depends on the situation. I’m not saying you should hide your feelings and mask everything with a smile. No. It’s good to vent… Not sometimes, all the time. Venting helps. But then again, if we are gloomy 24/7 then, people might just turn away from you.

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  2. For ME personally I wouldn’t prefer to present myself exactly how I feel all the time because I always feel like that’s putting a burden on others (not that it actually is, that’s just the way I’m wired), plus I prefer to sort my problems out myself most of the time and I don’t like it when people give me attention because I seem upset. I don’t know exactly, but I do agree that we don’t have to always appear positive and it’s okay to show how you’re feeling. And it is a good way to tell who really cares about you. x

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      1. Yeah, sometimes trying to mask your feelings just makes you feel even more horrible because it’s just so hard and tiring, and if you don’t show it how is anyone else suppose to help?

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  3. Well said. I always find that difficult, because if I try and smile when something is wrong, everyone thinks I don’t care and that it can go on. For instance, when my school were refusing to adapt my work for me, so I was resourceful and got electronic copies and enlarged for myself, and never complained. But when I cried, some of my friends got annoyed with me and the school tried to suggest that I was depressed because it was a very sudden emotional reaction. To be honest, I don’t think their is any ONE outlook to obtain, just try and keep a balance between the two.

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