Hey Guys:

I’m hoping you’re all well; I’m OK, and currently just sat in bed, watching The Apprentice and stroking the cat… Times are good.

I wanted to write about stability. I’m far from stable, and it’s very clear to see. In the space of a day, I can be unbelievably happy, cry my eyes out, laugh until it hurts, want to shut myself in my room and never come out, and stand up and rebel against everything that I disagree with. I think that pretty much classifies me as unstable, but aside from that, I’m not mentally stable. Things set me off – things that shouldn’t set me off. Tears flow for no real reason – well, no reason that should cause tears to flow.

Mental stability is expected of everyone. Everyone is supposed to be stable, and there’s no questions asked. But not everyone is, and in fact, I think that more people than we presume are far from mentally stable. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, because that’s what makes you unique, and different. From a personal perspective, however, it can sometimes seem crap; things just set me off, and there’s nothing I can do about it. The anxiety and stress I’ve discussed before certainly come into it; there’s no doubt about it.

I know it’s been a short post, but maybe I just needed to get it out there. Maybe, before the tears that flow every night when I’m ed, I wanted to get something down, to tell you guys.

I’m Sorry


8 thoughts on “Stable

  1. Hey you – are you okay? You can talk to me whenever you’d like. It’s okay to be unstable, because sometimes, your support breaks a little, but it can be mended to an extent. You’re not damn well going through this alone.

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