Small Dreams Grow

Hey Guys:

I hope you’re well – it’s very early here, around 00:30. I’m writing because I have a tummy upset (I think I used out-of-date milk in my hot chocolate) and I’m listening to music.

Small dreams: we all have them inside us. They’re the little things, the short-term (sometimes) goals, or the stepping stones to greater things. There’s one thing that almost all small dreams have in common, and it’s likely the only thing they share. Small dreams grow.

Dreams grow, because we grow. I don’t mean physically, although of course we do that too, but I mean mentally, emotionally and intellectually. And as our minds grow, so do the dreams that they contain. We aim for bigger, better and more out-of-reach dreams. An example, perhaps, would be a single teenager (16-17, maybe) who has a crush. Their small dream might be to go on a date with said crush, but once that dream has been achieved, that dream might grow to reflect the change in situation. The new dream might be a relationship, or a life together; it is, of course, extremely situation and individual dependent.

What this does mean, therefore, is that big things start small. No, I don’t mean that jacket potatoes start small, although they do, I guess. I mean that to achieve the big things in life – the leaderships, or the fame -, you can start small. Maybe, if you want to become a leader of parliament, for example, you could start by joining the debating club, and move up to leader given time. You see my idea, and my point. Big achievements start with small stepping stones, because people don’t become important overnight.

I really hope this post has made sense, and that you have something to think about. What is your big dream, and what are your smaller dreams to achieve it? Go on, think about it. Even if you’ve been told it will never happen, or it’s impossible, what is the one thing you want to achieve? Nothx’s impossible; people are just too dismissive.


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