An Award? No…

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m OK, thank you, although a little [lot] stressed about a clarinet ABRSM [Associated Board of the royal schools of Music] exam I have tomorrow morning!

Ok, so unbelievable to me: I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. That last word, Award, actually makes me smile uncontrollably, and it just makes me so happy to think that someone enjoys reading my blog enough to nominate me. It also shocks me that I’m memorable enough for someone to nominate me; I know I write regularly, but I do sometimes wonder how memorable my blog is, and how much of it is crap.

Speaking of Crap [nice link]
I’d like to thank Crap SO SO much for nominating me, and so now, with my humble acceptance ramble over, I’ll get on with the award post [that sounds like music to my ears].

So, as I understand it, i’ll do what I have to do [that sounds very heroic of me, no?]

•Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog. [tick]
•Nominate a minimum of 15 bloggers. [tick]
•Link your nominees and let them know. [tick]
•Share 7 facts about yourself [tick]

Ok, so, 15 bloggers; how do I choose? Let’s give this a go…
1. Elm
You’re such an inspiration, and the friend who got me into blogging; how could I leave you off of this list?
2. Confessions of a teenage Mutent
There you are, another nomination, because I know how excited you were about the first one!
3. LyfWithEm
You’re such an inspiration to me and to other bloggers I’m certain; you probably wo’t do this award post because you’ll have plenty to begin with, but the nomination’s there should you want to take it up.
4. Em
You’re a great blogger, and I love reading your posts; plus you’re a more dedicated blog tweeter [new term] than I am, so I respect you for that.
5. A Very Awkward Blogger
Not only hae you been a blogger who’s been so welcoming and supportive, but you’ve helped me out too! Thank you

So, I’ve decided that, after my top 5, there are just too many blogs to tag. I don’t mean that I don’t like the blogs not tagged here as much as others; I enjoy everyone’s so much, and I don’t know what I’d do without them. There are just so many, so everyone is tagged! You’re all nominated, because you all deserve it, and that’s final. So, off you go, get going, but not before you’ve read this post…

Facts About Moi, Yes, Me, The one and Only:
1. The letter L, which I use as my name in the blogosphere, is NOT the initial of my first name, but in fact the initial of the name I wish was mine.
2. My favourite type of music is singer/songwriter, and I like to listen to sad and depressing music late at night when i’m already emotionally unstable – clever, right?
3. I really really really really really really hate cheese.
4. I live on the internet, both as L and as my actual self, because i’m a teenager.
5. I’m an apple person, and I don’t know where’d I be without my iPhone [literally, the maps are a saviour!]
6. My top five most used emoji[s?] on my phone as of today are:
Face with tears of joy 😂
Winking face with stuck out tongue 😜
Thumbs up with medium light skin tone 👍🏻
Crying face 😢
Worried face 😟

7. Blogging was the best accident I’ve made this year; I didn’t mean to get so heavily involved, but I’m so glad I have

So there, you have 7 facts about me; I can’t wait to read yours!


26 thoughts on “An Award? No…

  1. *gasps* YOU HATE CHEESE? HOW?! But I do agree with you that I like singer/songwriters as well because then it’s more of their work instead of them just delivering the words.

    Liked by 1 person

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