Happy Christmas, Blogospherians

Hey Guys:
How are you? I’m good, thanks for asking (I presume you did). It’s late though – around half 10 (not bad for me I suppose), so I’ll be off to bed soon.

A couple of things in tonight’s post:
Finally, on 15th December 2015, I can officially reveal that… I AM FINALLY FEELING CHRISTMAS! HAPPY CHRISTMAS, BLOGOSPHERIANS!!! L now gives you permission to sing Christmas songs, eat Christmas food (in my case chocolate log; I’m not a fan of Christmas cake, pudding or mince pies), dance around your Christmas tree… Whatever takes your fancy, really! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas time, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday period.

Next… I have officially had to resell the world BLOGOSPHERIANS (previously Blogosphereians); it just looks and sounds better, with less room for pronunciation errors.

Now, some observations…
Does anyone else feel that, by blogging, time as a whole seems to go a lot faster? I mean, maybe it’s because I can get all my worries and shit out onto paper – well, a screen -, but time now just seems to be going a lot faster for me. I also feel a lot less stressed most of the time, especially after I’ve written about things which stress me out. Just me?

A kind of observation, I guess (not really): Is it just me who has opted NOT to tell my family that I blog? By this mean, I don’t mean giving them the web address, but do your families know that you blog at all? Mine don’t, and I like it that way. I’m not sure how they’d react if they saw this. In fact, I thought they’d seen this blog the other night, because I can’t them in my room, looking at my laptop… Scary times, people, scary times!

Tomorrow is non-school uniform day at school (well, where else is it going to be?). I’m laying out my outfit for tomorrow (yes, I’m a male teenager, just with some interesting oddities). I can’t decide whether to go for the I-set-out-to-look-daft look, or the I’m-taking-this-whole-thing-oh-so-sensibly style. For the first look, I was going for casual jeans (not too casual, but kind of nice but cheap, like me really), along with a reasonably simplistically designed t-shirt and a Christmas jumper with a penguin on it (check out my Twitter for a link to the pic). The second look, I was going for more formal jeans (is that possible?), with a really plain t-shirt and a thin-but-nice jumper. What do you guys think? I go to quite a posh (but public) school, so I suspect people will be trying to out-do each other in the clothing department. I’d rather not get involved in that, because I’m far to common to mix with those people, and I wouldn’t wish to if I could to be perfectly honest. That is why I’m currently leaning towards the Christmas jumper approach, but maybe you guys disagree. Make sure you check out the pic of the jumper on my Twitter (@cwarned), so that you can make an informed decision.

Right, so that’s it from me. This has actually turned out to be a reasonable length (this post, naughty!), because I kind of expected it to be a short one; it must be all of these brackets I’m using (I like them, don’t judge me!).

Don’t forget I need your outfit opinions – I’ll be getting dressed in around 7 or 8 hours, so whatever time that is where you’re living. Hopefully I’ll have some ideas then 🙂

See You Later:


11 thoughts on “Happy Christmas, Blogospherians

  1. The hell is chocolate log?! Also, it’s not just you about the time and less stress thing; I get that. But I’ve told my dad I blog, and some of my friends, but most don’t know. It’s better that way, you know?

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    1. I agree; my family would either flip or stress (I suspect the former) if they knew I blogged, and my friends probably wouldn’t mind, but there are things safer kept away from them, for the sake of keeping up the happy faces

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  2. I have no clue about style/fashion especially when it comes to guys, just go with your gut whatever feels right and makes you feel amazing. Also no it’s not just you, my family don’t know about my blog either. I think it has pros and cons either way.

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  3. Yessss. Nor does my family know. I don’t plan on telling them ever. Not that I don’t love them and don’t trust them and that kind of stuff. It’s just that I want this blog to be my ‘other life’ if you get what I mean. I am still the same person but I like this , you can say, hide-away from the real world.

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