Safety Net

Hey Guys:

It’s so late it’s early, but I don’t care, because I have some exciting news: I have finally passed the 50 follower mark!!!!!! So look, I could have technically written this about an hour or two ago, but I wanted the safety net of having 51 followers. There’s always one who unfollows, or decides that what I write is crap. So hello, to each and every one of you.

Speaking of safety nets, I thought I’d talk about safety nets in my post as well. So, before I start, stop reading (the first and last time I’ll tell you to do that) and think of the one thing in your life that’s your safety net. Maybe it’s a place you go to, when you need to escape; a friend you know you can trust anything with; a song you know will calm you down; a blog that you can read to calm you down, or cheer you up.

Got something? Cool. That’s your safety net. That’s the one thing that you can rely on when times get tough, or when you’re falling. It will prevent the bad things from happening for a while, and can be used to boost you back up to where you started.

I thought I’d write about my safety nets. My places, songs, blogs, people, whatever.

Person: I have one friend, who doesn’t live near me, who knows me like the back of their hand. We text and phone a lot, and they know everything that goes on with me, when it happens and who it involves. They calm me down, and give me advice, and keep me looking forward, with a smile. They’re amazing, truly.
Place: My place isn’t all that specific, because I feel that travelling calms me down. Most weekends, I leave home early (independently), and hop on a train, headed for somewhere. It really chills me out, and gives me thinking time, not worrying about who’s watching, or who will tell my friends or family about the look on my face. Those early mornings are my saviour; I don’t know where I’d be without them.
Blog: This person, if they’re reading, probably knows they’re about to be mentioned. Elm is one of my go-to bloggers when I’m down. There’s no point lying that her posts aren’t always positive, but when they are, they’re brilliant, and when they’re not, it’s nice to help someone else – someone who I know outside of blogging – with their troubles, rather than my own. However, she’s not the only one I go to. LyfWithEm is also another blog that I instantly go to when times are tough. She’s such a talented writer, and works magic with words.
Time: The early morning is my time. I love being outside, and feeling the sharp, cool air slap me in the face; I love to hear the first bird of the morning, tweet it’s calotype, and then listening to its friends and family call back; I love the peace, without the hundreds of people around me; I love the smell of the grass, and the way the air smells early in the morning, and I love the touch of fresh dew on my fingertips, and the half-open flower buds in my fingers. Yes, I really do love it!
Song: I like to listen to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson on the days when things have gone wrong. It just sounds so beautiful, and has such a strong, important message.

Maybe you guys have some personal safety nets, that you’ve discovered either before, or during the post. Tell me in the comments; I’d love to hear about them!


33 thoughts on “Safety Net

      1. Thank you so much; I’m so glad you like it – I sometimes think that this blog only really makes sense to me, and nobody else. What did you do? You followed it, like my posts, read my ramblings. You are why I’m still writing, and I can never thank you enough for that.

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      2. You’re going to make me burst into floods of tears in a minute 😉
        Thank you so much though; it means so much to me that you enjoy my blog, and that you take time out of your day to read it 🙂 XX

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  1. I really think that the comments on my blog are a safety net. They are the things that get me through the shit times, also thank you for mentioning me! It means a lot. I really do love your blog, you know? I say I don’t have specific blog’s that I go to, but rather a whole bunch of them, from all of my friends. I also love music, because it calms me down, as well as talking to a lot of my friends. That really does help. It makes me feel secure, if that makes sense. Well done on 50 followers OMG! You’re going surpass me, I know it.

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    1. It’s true: all the positive, beautiful comments on our blogs, I’d say, are every bloggers safety net. You’re very welcome; your blog is amazing (and therefore will always have more followers than mine) and deserves a shoutout xx

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  2. EEEP!!! Yay! Crossing the safety net and into the pool;) Many Congrats on reaching above 50 followers:)
    I think my safety net has got to be my books. Sometimes, when I just can’t handle anything more, I tend to reach out to my favourite books and lose myself into the beautiful fantasy.

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  3. (hehe, stalking your blog) i love this post! you have some excellent safety nets. do you mind if i use the idea of this post to talk about it on my own blog? i’d love to write about my own safety nets, and i’d credit you ofc. thanks l, i really like your blog! 🙂

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