How important Is…

Hey Guys:


How are you? It’s currently 06:40 in the morning, and I’m sat here, typing to you guys and listening to music. If you’re interested, I’m listening to Alessia Cara, because I thin she is absolutely fantastic!


You may have seen yesterday, from my Twitter [which is now visible on the blog itself!] that yesterday evening [my time], I received my 500th [is that right?] like on Consider Yourself Warned! to me, this is absolutely huge; i’m so thrilled about it, and I literally sat and cried [tears of joy] for about 20 mins, because i’m so thankful for all of you guys. To others, however, this achievement probably sounds stupid, and not that significant.


This has inspired this post: what is actually important? I think that importance, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. People have personal goals, and to others, they may sound ridiculous. This is because other people don’t understand ABSOLUTELY everything that happens in your life, and what you’ve experienced. They likely don’t share your passions, interests, and loves, and therefore don’t understand, or at least can’t empathyse, ehen something to do with those passions gets you excited.


what’s important to me is not going to be what’s important to everyone else in this world. Important things in my opinion include music, books, socialising, my blog and other deeper, psychological and societal aims. I promise you that all of you will have a different list of important things, or something to add, or something to take away. That list is individual to me, and therefore my important goals and achievements are also specific to me as an individual.


What’s important to you? Has anyone ever mocked you for your things you find important?


Love You All, and Thank You Once More for 500 Likes… I Really Love You All!



17 thoughts on “How important Is…

  1. What’s important to me is appreciating my friends because I’ve had eye opening experiences to teach me how helpful and supportive my true friends are and the least I can do is to return that! Also I agree with you Alessia is amazing, I found her only recently but she’s great!

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  2. My friends, my feelings, music, my blog, my writing, stupid things are important to me. The people who believe in me are important to me. I’ve been teased/bullied for constantly being on my phone, writing or singing, but it’s what makes me happy.

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  3. What an exciting achievement! Congrats! You will have many more before this blog is done. 🙂 Some people think it’s silly that I love books so much, but I don’t think anyone has outright ridiculed me. I believe everyone should be entitled to their own beliefs.

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    1. That is a belief that I wish more people across the globe shared. I love books too; I think that they are one of the most expressive ways to describe stories, and demonstrate emotion and passion. Books can make you feel so many different things at the same time; they have the power to attach you to a character, and then break that bond in a single sentence. Their power over us is unbelievable, and I love it. You can slip into a new world; a different, often better reality, where everything on the page is real, and the four walls around you no longer confine you to the space between them. XX

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