We’re All Human

Hey Guys:


I hope you’re well, and that you’re having a good day, night or something between the two. I’m writing today about something that I feel very strongly about; I hope you feel the same.


Annually, 10? December is internationally recognised as Human Rights day. All around the world, children and adults, just like you and me, are mistreated by society, and by their governments. Many of these cases are documented in the news, for us lucky communities to tut over. Thousands of others are not.


In every country where there are people living, there ought to be rights. It’s a sad world when we have to admit that we don’t all have rights. Everyone deserves to have the rights to freedom, to freedom of speech, to an education. In this country, and in a lot of the countries where you will be reading this now, rights are taken for granted. In fact, some people moan about what they’ve been given: access to school, or other people’s opinions. Others across the globe don’t have those luxuries. They have a reason to moan, but they don’t have the right to.


We’re leading up to Christmas now; festive cheer is setting in across the world. This Christmas, think of those that, even on Christmas day itself, will still fear for their lives, their family’s lives, and their friends’ lives. Imagine that, if you say one wrong word on social media, one step out of line on the street, then you could disappear, never to be seen again. Even if it’s not that extreme, imagine living without an education; imagine living in silence, without the right to an opinion, the right to speak. This Christmas period, please don’t take everything you get in life for granted. Remember your right to an education, your right to be free, and your right to live. Think of those who don’t have those luxuries, and think of them this Christmas. It’s not a fair world in which we live; far from it, in fact.


Personally, I feel ashamed to live in a world where Human Rights aren’t a given luxury. It sickens me. It brings tears to my eyes and a unbelievable sadness to my heart. This is where we live, and despite the false pretenses, it’s nowhere near perfect. This is where we live.


What do you think? Anything to add, or comment on? Maybe you’re taking action, to help those in countries where rights aren’t a given. I’ll certainly be looking to do just that.



18 thoughts on “We’re All Human

    1. I said I said ‘this made me think a lot’ twice. That wasn’t intentional, but at least it portrays my thoughts. My cat was currently crawling all over me at the time, so that probably has a lot to do with it

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    2. I’m glad it was thought provoking. What’s shocking is that cases of nonexistent human rights (without valid reasons for the lack of them) is not just in the countries you’d expect, however sad that is. There is one case I was reading about a man who has been in solitary confinement, suspected of murder but with no fair trial and no evidence. That is in the USA. That is sad.


      1. That’s terrible. The media seem to only portray things that are ‘interesting’ and ‘easy’ I’m sick of having the world illustrated to me by two news readers sitting behind computers talking about I’m a Celebrity. I want to see the real problems in this world for myself and try to help people get out of them.

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  1. Hey, living in a developing country, I see this all the time. I’m always sad to see when people here are literally going to jail for being atheist. One part of Indonesia here stones gay people and also girls who have sex before marriage. I see churches being burned down and I also see kids dying of diseases that could actually be avoided by simple act of hygiene. When their parents do not have the education to understand how to raise a child properly or nutrition wise don’t understand it, it saddens me everyday. Human rights is cheered here but not always practiced and its so, so, so, sad. I try my best to do as much community service as I can but there is only so much I can do. I agree with you, sometimes I catch myself being ungrateful and catch people complaining when other people right behind our house walls are suffering.

    Thank you for writing this, human rights do need to be protected more.

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      1. Yes, surely it can be changed! Last year when I was in high school, we were really taught to preserve human rights and to learn many ways of knowing; they dedicated one subject for it. It was confusing at first but in the end it is probably the most valuable lesson ever as it really made me more open minded and just really changed the way I think. It made me respect more, understand more and just more motivated to fight for people who don’t have those rights. I feel like this should be infused to everybody’s education system including the local education system here. I mean learning about accepting other people, respecting their opinions and just all the basic 30 human rights in general is so important because somehow thats like how peace is achieved.


  2. Wonderful post! Unfortunately, yes, Human Rights aren’t very much a luxury , as you said. It’s just so sad that social media, with all its HUGE benefits, also has developed this fear of saying what’s right or what’s wrong. Why can’t we just be free to say what we want to say?

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