Perks of Being Bi

Hey Guys:


How are you all? Thank you SO SO SO much for your fantastic support on my stress-related post earlier. You’ll be glad to hear that the meeting went well, and is all over now. I survived, I didn’t have a panic attack during the meeting, and I’m smiling and listening to music now.


After all that, however, I have a problem. It’s not so much a problem as a ‘situation’, the quotes being inserted for grand effect. I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done to help me here, but I need to get it down somewhere; here’s the place I’m afraid!


It’s taken me quite a bit of courage to write this. I’m always scared that someone from school will find this, and read this, and figure out that i am, well, me. Think: you might be at my school. You might sit next to me in class, or behind me in assembly every week. But regardless, I know a lot of my friends wouldn’t judge me for this, but it’s always worrying that the wrong person might find this; I really wouldn’t want that in this situation.


In one of my lessons, there’s a boy. I won’t write his names, for both his and my benefits. For the sake of ease, we’ll call him Bridge.


Bridge is the same age as me, and in my class at school. He’s what you might call the class clown; tells a lot of jokes, and generally gets a laugh. I think that if he didn’t tell jokes, he’d probably be the bullied type, but his comedic ways keep him safe from that. Unlike most class clowns, he doesn’t tel jokes to avert notice from his lack of academic ability; he’s intelligent, and good at school. He has people saying some horrible things behind his back, but nothing too awful: some people say he touches people up under the tables and such.


My issue: I kind of fancy him.


There. It’s out there.


My next issue: I don’t think he’s gay/bi


Big problem for me.


I really do fancy him. He’s just so genuine, and funny, and gets my sense of humour. He’s weird, but in a good way, and doesn’t really care about others judging him for his inner weirdness that he chooses to display openly. Obviously, looks aren’t my first priority, being blind, but people say he’s ‘alright looking’ in te looks department.


Right, so it’s out there. I’m sorry, and if there’s anything you guys can suggest… well, I’m all ears.





12 thoughts on “Perks of Being Bi

  1. Fuck my life, I know how you feel. Honestly – let the feelings come. Don’t stop them – you fancy him, end of; it’s okay to feel that way. Feel HAPPY in those feelings and JUST DON’T WORRY. Rich of me to say, but just enjoy it.

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  2. It’s okay for you to fancy him. If he’s not gay or bi, then also don’t feel compelled to give up your feelings for that. The thing about unrequited love is that it’s just so perfect and unbreakable because essentially, it’s not reciprocated. But don’t let that stop you! In time, one day, you will find the perfect one.

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  3. I’ve been in that situation countless times in the past year. I couldn’t tell my teacher, so I let it go in the sense that I just let it fade. I have one now but I don’t know what to do about it either. The struggle is real… Talk to me any time if you want to “Get your feelings out in the open” As they say. I’ll always listen.

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  4. Crazy unhelpful as this sounds… unrequited crushes can be fun! Try and enjoy your crush – flirting is never a bad thing – and just see where it goes. From what I know of you, it’s his loss if he decides not to take it anywhere. XX

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