… on friends

Hey Guys:

How are you all? I’m currently sat on a train, going to hospital for an appointment!!! I’m trying to sip at my Coke in a wise, sophisticated style, but I don’t think it’s really working for me.

This is to be my post on friends. Friendship is a complicated thing (loving the word thing) because it comes in so many different forms. But, for the record, here is L’s description of a friend:
A friend is another person who cares about you, likes to spend time with you and recognises your emotions without you having to express them directly.

A close friend is not your every day friend though; they care so much, and they do things to help you out if you’re down, or sad. These are the friends that you can tell anything to, and who will NEVER judge you for being you. In a friendly, I’m-not-a-creep kind of way, these are the friends who love you, and would genuinely cry if you died. (I never said that this post was upbeat, did I?)

Update: The sophisticated Coke drinking has just failed; I’ve tipped about a quarter of the bottle down my throat, and gurgled like the idiot I am! It was an accident!

Friends are the ones that you love, and that you cherrish, and who you want and need. Friends are the ones who can make you cry, and make you laugh, and make you sad, and make you happy. Friends aren’t the ones who love you for the chocolate your parents give you in your packed lunch, or for the money your family has in the bank. A real friend is someone who likes you for you and your weird habbits, and your oddities. Friends are those who laugh with, not at, you.

Without being depressing, how many of these true friends do you really have? Do you, like me, have people who are playing you for a fool? I do, and I’ve decided that now is the time to tell them how I feel. If they’re true friends, they’ll manage to persuade me that I am wrong.

What do you guys think about this?


16 thoughts on “… on friends

  1. This post is amazing and so true. And being honest I believe I have two of these friends, one who I met when I was little and one who I met at school. Either way we all feel really comfortable around each other and I am so grateful for them, because like you do have people who aren’t true friends at all and are only paying at it. I just have a really hard time telling those people how I feel because I don’t want to be mean or hurtful, even if they aren’t my friends. you know? x

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  2. I have fake friends. I have friends who aren’t my friends. And I have friends who I don’t talk to much, but we honestly love each other/find each other funny and we are GREAT friends.
    Who’d the appointment go?

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  3. This post is so true and beautiful. Your description of a friend is definitely on point and I am really lucky when I say that I have a high number of these. There’s five of us in my friendship group at school and they are ALL amazing, kind, lovely and love me for me. On top of that I also have others, so I am super happy and grateful. I love them so much. How did the appointment go?

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    1. If anything (please take this in the right way), it’s good that you’re still looking. It shows that you are looking properly for that one person, and not just taking the first person who comes along. I hope, however, that you find your person soon; we all need people like them.

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