Hey Guys:


It’s super early; 04:40, to be precise. I feel that I should write to you now, because I didn’t yesterday. I’m sorry about that, but it was a really busy day. So is today, as a matter of fact: I have a french writing exam, then a maths exam and then an English speaking and listening exam, which counts towards my GCSEs. After school, I’m hoppong straight on a train, and travelling for 4-5 hours; wish me luck!


I wanted to talk today about fame. Fame is not an unknown word to us. It can be claimed, however, by few. I feel there are several problems with fame, and how we regard the famous.


Being famous for singing, dancing, comedy or magic is all well and fair enough. It’s brilliant that our society retains its ability to recognise those with talent, and to share that talent with everyone, for everybody’s enjoyment. But, there is, in my eyes, a major fault with this. Famous people, however good at their chosen art they are, are stil human. They are made up of the same stuff as you and me; they are the same species, and are generally people, nothing more, nothing less. Now, as I said before, in NO way take this as me bashing a group of individuals for their talents; I just feel that we treat them like they’re different. Why are famous people different? What sets them apart from you and me?


People can also become famous for inspirational acts: acts of bravery, kindness, charity and so forth. These people have performed an unbelievably heroic act, and people recognise them for their bravery, kindness, etc. I’m not saying that the people I described in the previous paragraph do not deserve recognision; they do, for their talents. The people I’m describing here, however, have done an act, or several acts, and people respect them, usually because they’ve done something that others know they wouldn’t have done. The people in this category have usually come from being just one in a crowd, to someone that people admire, and they’ll usually, when asked, say that they just want to be a normal person.


I know I’ve been quite brief here; I wanted to see what you guys thought, and I wanted this post to make you think a little. Tell me what you think in the comments!



17 thoughts on “Fame

  1. If I ever got famous, I would want it to be because I did something amazing. Something GOOD. And I’d continue to do that. Even if I got famous through singing or writing, I’d still want to help people. I’m not even saying that as an “I’M SO GREAT!” statement; it’s a fact because it’s what I want to do, in any way I can.

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  2. Best of luck for your French, math and English exams!
    And yes, I agree. Famous people tend to have that ‘upper social status’ which really, is not fair to all the others in this world. Everyone has talents but not everyone is recognised for them.

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  3. I really really help the exams went well! I bet they did, you’re amazing! It’s not fair that famous people get viewed as better than normal people. They might be able to sing well, but did they save someone’s life in a rescue boat last year? Probably not. Half the time their fame isn’t even deserved.

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  4. I have nothing against famous people who are famous for talents like singing or whatever, I just think it’s amazing to be famous for a good deed you did, to be famous for helping others.

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