Hey Guys:


I hope you’re Sunday, or whatever day it is when you’re reading this, is going, or has gone, well. That was a lot of commas, and there’s another one, and another. Just a quick update before I begin: Mockingjay Part 2 was amazing! I suggest that if you haven’t seen it already, you get online and book those cinema tickets now; it’s well worth it.


Now, let my post begin. You’ll probably begin to read this, dismiss it as some of my usual, trying-to-be-deep-but-failing-miserably crap, and move on to something further down. If you do that, I can’t blame you; I wouldn’t read some of the things that I come out with either. If, however, you do choose to stay, then welcome, and thank you very much for joining me on today’s ride.


I want to discuss sophistication. It doesn’t look like a word, I know, but it is, so let us continue. One of the things that bug me is the need for people to feel and appear sophisticated. Everyone judges people on how eloquently they speak; how thought through their initial contribution to a conversation [generally regarding politics] is; how coordinated their clothes are. why?


You may have noticed that, for the first and hopefully last time, i purposefully made the above paragraph sound [hopefully] sophisticated, just by sticking a few long words in, and by checking a dictionary from time to  time. you should have also noticed that I generally write in quite a relaxed, casual style; I like to make my posts conversational, and chatty. I think my usual blog style more accurately coppies my usual way of speech. Yes, people judge me on it. No, i don’t care.


A lot of girls and boys, when looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend, look for those who are intelligent, well-spoken and thoughtful. To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand why, and I doubt, deep down, you do either. Why look for love in someone that can think, and pronounce words that should only be read in a broadsheet newspaper? You’re looking for love, not a dictionary. But really, on a serious note, can someone not be intelligent, in one way or another, and yet choose to speak in a casual, less formal way? Does that make him/her a lesser being for doing so? No, of course not.


Choose your friends, partners, cats and dogs based on how you value them, not how they speak or look. It’s the right thing to do, right?



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