My Month in Review

Hey Guys:


I rarely actually post what I’m up to on a specific day; I prefer to write what I’m thinking and feeling, and if a particular event in my day has triggered those thoughts and feelings, then I’ll include it, for context. But I thought I would write a post, giving a few highlights from my month. I’ve seen some others doing this, so it’s my turn now!


Saturday 7th November

I had a blind and visually impaired sport training in Winchester. That’s always fun, and a brilliant laugh with friends; I enjoy it :-]


Sunday 15th November

Westfield, in London. Need I say more? Yes, just one word, i think: BUSY!


Saturday 21st November

My family and I went to see some ex-neighbours who moved away several years go, but who used to look after my sister and me when we were younger and my parents were at work. It was great, although absolutely freezing [as was most of November].


Saturday 28th November

Sport training once again, with a chaotic journey there and back, although brilliant fun as ever. I must say, this morning, my body regretted it; I’m so achy!



I’m off to see The hunger games: Mockingjay Part 2 this afternoon with my sister, so that should be good hopefully. I haven’t been to the cinema for such a long time…


this post has made me realise two things:

boring, isn’t it? Why are you still reading?

2. November has gone bloody quickly, hasn’t it? I can’t believe that it’s nearly December [and therefore Christmas and my birthday] already!


Hoping you’re well, and sending a smile your way although the postage is pretty expensive.



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