I’m a Wimp…

Hey Guys:


I hope you’re well. I’m afraid this post is going to be quite short and [hopefully] sweet, because i have 17 minutes to write this before I NEED to get going for school. But I wanted to ask your advice on something, if that’s oK.


I wrote a post around 2 or 3 weeks ago, which you can find

<a href=”https://lifeofblind.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/my-big-secret/”>here</a&gt;

about my sexual orientation; basically, i’m bisexual. My parents don’t know this yet, and I’m a wimp, and too nervous to tell them. I just can’t picture the conversation. Knowing my parents as I do, I don’t think they’d be the kind of accepting ‘we’re so proud of you’ kind of parents. They’re always judging LGBT people on the tV and online.


I use Facebook – I’m a teenager, come on! I do have my parents on Facebook, and I was thinking of taking the easy way out. Can I put my sexual orientation on my facebook profile? i mean, for starters, is that even possible? And then, is that a really bad idea? It would tell people, without me having to speak to everyone. I don’t think it’d be so bad, talking with my parents, if they initiated a conversation about it; I just don’t think I could start that talk, really.


Can anyone advise me here?


I’m putting my trust in you guys; you haven’t let me down before, and I love all of you. What should i do?


Love You All:



25 thoughts on “I’m a Wimp…

  1. Hey, just talk to them and tell them x if you don’t tell them and put it on your profile they might think its a joke like when people get ‘married’ on facebook x If you put it on facebook before telling them they might think you don’t trust them and you don’t wanna be in that position because they will be annoyed and/or upset xx

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  2. I really think that if your parents get to know via Facebook or any other social networking site, it will be the worst way for them to find out.
    If you really don’t want to talk to them face-to-face then, you could like write a note and keep it somewhere where they’ll find it and then go for a walk or something for a good amount of time( not too long that they start getting frantic!) . Then, when you come home the hard part would’ve been done and then, you will just need to navigate the waters carefully. And with a lot of patience and love. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end:)

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  3. I would definitely do what Selfie said. If you don’t want to talk about it leave a letter in their room. That will give them time to think about everything before they actually talk to you so you won’t have to deal with whatever their first reaction is sooo easier all round. Good luck 🙂

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  4. Yeah I agree with Lora, writing a letter is a good idea as you can still explain it to them without having to speak to them. Plus if you put it on Facebook first they may think you don’t trust them. You could put it on FB afterwards though so you don’t have to go around telling everyone. I’m pretty sure there is a section on ‘about you’ were yoy can say who you interested in. 🙂

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  5. I think you should speak to them, upfront. I KNOW that’s the hardest option, but definitely don’t let them find out via Facebook. The might think it’s a joke, or get really upset that you didn’t tell them. Good luck, you’ll be fine, you have all of us at your side.

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  6. Well I don’t really know how you are as a person and how you go about things. You could either be one of those people who says it randomly just before you leave for school so that they have the whole day to contemplate it before you’re him again. Or you could be one to find the guts somewhere deep Down to just say it and get it over with because you never know until you know but the unknown is kind of scary! Parents surprise you sometimes though so maybe if they are not understanding at first just give them time..


  7. Personally, I wouldn’t let them know through Facebook. I did it through pretending to write a drama monologue about it (I actually wrote the whole monologue and then had to rewrite it as I had to actually write one for school) and whilst it was probably easier for me it lead to them talking to me about things that weren’t really relevant and we had a really long conversation that didn’t make me feel better. I would say it is definitely better to talk to them first. Do you maybe have a sibling you could tell and help you? Or a very close friend or cousin?


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