Life Is What You Make of It

Hey Guys:

Right, posts here are getting far too frequent. Tell me: do you think I’m posting too much? Let me know in the comments… please. It’s literally just gone 6 AM as I begin to write this. I know, I’m crazy, being up at this time. I don’t have to get out of bed until 07:00, to make sure I get out of the door on time. I like the early morning though. So I wake up at 05:30 – call me crazy! Oh, you already do… RUDE!

Life is what you make of it, that’s what they say, isn’t it? But I kind of wanted to use that expression for what I want to say this morning. Sort of bending the phrase to fit the purpose, if you see what I mean.

You control one life: yours. (No sarcastic clapping please.) It’s up to you how you decide to live – I’m talking about all of the little things that you can decide. Whether you take a risk, whether you make friends with someone, that kind of thing. All of those decisions are in our hands, and I sometimes wonder if we’re truly the best people to make those decisions. Of course, I primarily think this when things go wrong, but I’m human – forgive me. Maybe things would be better if an outsider made those decisions for us. Someone who wasn’t biased, or even in the situation. A third party who could assess our situation and make a valid, sensible judgement on whether we should… do something. And what we should do. And when. And where. And how. You get the idea.

We have the power though, and we have to make those decisions. I think colectively, we should maybe take more time over decisions. We may not see many as that what you say to a friend about their hairstyle, perhaps, doesn’t immediately strike you as vital. But consider it, and consider what could spark from a wrong itterness, rumours… By no means am I saying to just be nice to everyone. In no way am I saying the oposite. I’m just saying: consider what you do, because it’s your life, and you’re the one who changes it.

This post seems a little jumbled in my mind, but hopefully on electronic paper, it makes
Maybe too much posting has hinally taken its toll on me… I hope not!!!

Love You All:


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