Do You ever Want to be on Low Power Mode?

Hey Guys:


This is getting way too frequent, but one of you said you liked it, so I’m writing for you [weirdo]. What, who said that? *Hides face*


A short one today, well, this evening – it’s the third of the day, for crying out loud! I just wanted to know something: Do you ever wish you had a low power mode?


No, the mental institute was full…


No, hear me out; let me explain. so, when your phoneis on low power mode, you know it’s on low power mode [I know, so clever]. You know it’s about to die, because it’s sleepy as it’s been working hard all day long.

Whilst I was writing that I thought of

<a href=””>Happy Working Song</a>

love it! Anyway, as I was saying, your phone begins to slow down and do things a little less fluidly. It decides to close apps sometimes, depending how happy it is.


do you ever wish that wou had a mode like that? You could just wear a sign that said ‘Low Power Mode’, and people would know that you were just tired? They’d know to leave you alone, to sleep, or sing, or dance, or scream, or think. They’d know that you’d had a long day and would just accept it and say “Hey, is there anything I can do to help?”


Just me/



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