People Just Need to Chill

Hey Guys:

I know: two blog posts in 12 hours. Brave, right? I probably don’t realistically have time to write this; I’ve got 20 minutes until I need to get up. Well, 25 at a push.

People just need to chill. That’s my title, I know, but it needed repeating. You might have forgotten; had you? I bet you had. I mean it though: they do. In our modern-day, 21st century world, we’re always connected. Everyone’s always online, on social media or on their phones. No one is uncontactable. I think that stresses us out a bit, whether we realise it or not. Nobody has that me-time any more, however much we’d like to kid ourselves that we do.

Not only that, everyone is always trying to out-do everyone else, whether they know they’re trying to or not. Anything from what they ate last night to what they’re doing next weekend – we have to make it sound more exciting than that other person, or at least make it sound more exciting than it really is. Really, guys, washing isn’t that interesting. Neither is tuna pasta. Sorry to break it to you.

But seriously, people just need to chill out a bit. Take a break from the internet, or try not to post anything original for a day, or two, or three. Of course, the internet isn’t the only thing that we need to chill out over; there’s lots of things. Primarily, the idea of fast-paced modern life. Really, it’s just as good going slowly. If not, it’s better.

A train journey, for example, is so much nicer when you can enjoy it, by looking at the view, or reading a book that you enjoy, and having a drink of your choosing. That work on your laptop? You don’t NEED to do it. Just chill. It can be done later, in the office, or at home in front of Gogglebox. And as for multitasking… You might think that you’re working and reading your book on something like Audible at the same time. You’re not. As famously (in my view) said by Pete in Outnumbered: “There’s no such thing as multitasking. It’s just doing lots of things badly.”

Love you all:


34 thoughts on “People Just Need to Chill

  1. It’s sad, how technology has taken over our world. Of course, the being its are endless, but the cons? They are all too many. Our generation is the most messed up, considering we never send time with our families anymore. We are all connected, but somehow, just so disconnected, you know?

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  2. First, I love Outnumbered…so sad the children grew up. And also, you’re very right. My Mum is always complaining that too many people are trying to contact her and it does her head in. It’s similar for me. Too many people are trying to contact me, it does my head in too! It’s impossible to switch off from the world.

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