Missing Anyone?

I miss someone. They might be reading this, they might not be. Regardless, I miss them. they’re my closest friend, and more sometimes. You know that one person, who you’d tell anything to; who you’d ask the most awkward things to; who you’d trust more than your family; who listens to you; who you listen to; who you cry and laugh and smile and jump for joy with?


Me too.

And they’re over 200 miles away from me.

I wish they were here, and they wish that they were here too. Normally, it’s OK; we have phones and texts and social media.

and then you hit a night like this, a riptide in your boat-like life of smoothe sailing. And things go wrong.


I miss this person so much tonight; I don’t mean that in a sexual way, because that’s not the kind of friendship I’m talking about. I just miss them for their company. I miss them for their listenng ears, and for the way they can cheer me up just by having a chat with them. i miss them for the way that they know when I’m down, and i miss them for the way that they cheer me up.


I miss them.


Writing this has brought tears to my eyes, there’s no denying it.


Nights like these, when the day before them hasn’t gone to plan, someone to listen and to talk to and to listen to is all i need.


And they’re not here.


we all have someone like this; I envy those who are near that person. I’m not. It’s hard.


I’m sorry.

10 thoughts on “Missing Anyone?

  1. You’re right. Sometimes, you just want the person to be there with you . Doing normal activities together. But now, since they are gone, miles away, it’s all so lonely.
    I’m sure that this person misses you too. Perhaps one of these days you both can decide on meeting somewhere?

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