BGTB Week 3 (you’ll still enjoy it, regardless of your knowledge on BGTB)

Hey Guys:

Hoping you’ve had a smashing day (smashing, excellent – no, smashing – word). Today, I’m going to write my BGTB assignment for week 3. I suppose really it’s week 6, because there’s one every other week, but it’s week 3. Deal with it. OK?
Deal with it. Just deal with it.
This time (I avoided writing week there, to avoid arguments), the topic is Site Domain and Theme… Let’s go!
No, don’t go. Read this.
Don’t go.
Stop! Stay! Read. Now.
Are you back?
Good. Now, read.
Thank you.

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but I’d say that my site domain is pretty unique. Well, you didn’t think of it first, did you, because I’ve got it. So there. I think that my site domain reflects me, and not in a deep psychological way. Don’t worry: I’m not about to start talking about the inner-me, or any other such crap. No, I’d say it reflects me, both the inner-me and the outer-me, because I thought of it. I mean, obviously, it reflects the blind part of me (yes, I am blind, newsflash!). But I chose it; it’s a part of me, and that’s why I like it.

I chose lifeofblind for a couple of reasons. I didn’t just pick it out of thin air; I did take time to pick a name that I liked, and that I knew I wouldn’t cringe at each and every time I loaded up my blog. I’m quite into comedy; I like to watch comedy, and I like to think that I’m quite funny. Lifeofblind sounds a little bit comedic, in my oppinion. It’s not like lifeofblind as in Life of Pi; I’m not a fan of either the book or the fealm, although I do think that Life of Pi (the film) would have been 10 times better if it hadn’t been CGI. Lifeofblind, to me, suggests that it’s an interesting life, and that I have stories to tell. Maybe that’s just me, and maybe the rest of you scoff at my domain choice each time you read my blog. But it’s mine, and I’m proud of it. I don’t intend on changing it, unless I get offered millions of pounds from Google to change it, in which case, I will!

That’s the long bit out of the way. For those of you who sighed in relief, RUDE. No, here’s what I have to say about the theme. As mentioned QUITE a few times, I’m blind. The theme means little to me, and I can’t change it to make it look nicer, because I won’t know if it does look nice or not. Therefore, the theme, Penscratch, is the default one. Of course, I’d love suggestions of what to change it to. Maybe you know what would look nicer. Maybe you have a picture that would work well for me and my site. Gramatically, I should have said (well, written) (well, typed) my site and me. Oh well, tough luck. Please, though, comment if you think I should change it to something, or if I should add a photo that you have seen.

Hope you’re well, and I hope this post brought at least a smile to your face.

Love You All:

13 thoughts on “BGTB Week 3 (you’ll still enjoy it, regardless of your knowledge on BGTB)

  1. (Oops I’ve been thinking Life of Pi every time I’ve seen your domain. I feel terrible now) But anyway. I like your theme. My blog looks basically the same haha 🙂


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