When We Were Young

Hey Guys:
I hope you’ve had a good day; mine has been OK thanks, although I’ve only just got back. I know I promised I’d tell you about my day, but there’s something else I want to write about today, if that’s alright with you.
“You look like a movie.
You sound  like a song.

My God this reminds me,

of when we were young.”

When We Were Young, AdeleThis song, by Adele, comes from her recently released album 25. I heard it first when i was listening to the album, early on Friday morning, before school. I’m not going to lie; it did make me cry. It made me cry in a sad, beautiful and full-of-regret kind of way. Before I write any more, I suggest you listen to the song, by

<a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDWKuo3gXMQ”>Clicking Here for a Live Version on YouTube</a>


I think one of Adele’s powers, and one of the reasons she’s so insanely popular is because so many people can relate to her songs, either directly or indirectly. This song made me think of so many things, but one thing took center-stage in my mind. I stated thinking of those friends who I’ve lost, or those who my relationship with has changed.


I say with absolutely no doubt that you’ll read that, and very briefly think of one, maybe two people. But think. Remember, and you’ll soon discover that there’s more than that. Some examples, perhaps, could include ex-girlfriends/boyfriends; ex-best-friends; ex-friends; even primary school friends that you lost touch with, and have regretted losing. All those people together: that’s a big part of a life.


Of course, I’m not naming anybody here apart from myself, and even that’s not my name, but I thought I’d write about one person who sprang to my mind. I remember knowing them when I was 8-years-old, and we were inseparable. They lived close to 100 miles away from me, and these were the days before I had a mobile, but I owned that house phone. In holidays, i’d visit and they’d come to visit and, in my young, imature days, my world couldn’thave been a happier place. It was 3 years later, that for multiple reasons, our friendship fell apart very suddenly. That broke me: after three years, my best friend was suddenly not a part of my life any more. Looking back on it, as I did recently, I saw how horible I was after our friendship ended; all the names I called him, all the things I said and all the rumours I started. Reflection is a blessing, but a blessing too late.


If I could save one thing that I lost in my years on this Earth, I think that the friendship I had with this person would be what i’d save, no doubt about it. This song brought everything back to me; all of the memories we shared; all of the silly things we did; all of the things

we laughed at; all of the conversations we shared. We always said that when we were 20, 30, 40, even, things wouldn’t change. And not even 10 years on, things are so different.


I wish I could have saved them.


I suggest you listen to this song; maybe it’ll bring something to your mind. If you’re comfortable with doing so, feel free to share the story, either through commenting or contacting me directly. I know this can be a difficult and personal tiing to talk about, but it’s necsssary to at least acknowledge that we’ve lost someone.


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