Let’s Just Talk About This Weekend?

Hey Guys:

How are we? I hope you are well; oh, how Shakespearian that sounded! Have you missed me? It’s been, like, 60 hours + – that’s quite a lot of hours, I’ll think you’ll agree, and it’s really a lot if you think that that is the amount of time I’ve kept my blog-mouth closed. Impressive, I think.

Today, I thought I’d literally just write about what I’m up to this weekend. It’s not that exciting, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway – and if you don’t, deal with it, but please don’t unsubscribe because I love you dearly, and have I mentioned how pretty you look today?

So, when my sister and I were younger, we used to go to a two-doors-down-or-up-the-road neighbour’s house when our parents were working before or after school. Oh, the days of primary school, eh? These neighbours weren’t childminders by profession, but my parents used them as childminders, and it brought our families together (aww, how sweet).

Of course, as time went on and my sister and I got older, we started staying at home alone (film mention), losing the need for the fake childminder. Calling them a fake childminder makes them sound like some kind of really dodgy drug-dealer. For the record, they aren’t dodgy drug-dealers. As I was saying, as we grew older, the need for a childminder disappeared, but we were still good friends and we’d have neighbourhood watch meetings in the street. Not literally – well, sometimes literally -, but still.

In summer of 2013 (back in the day), they packed up and moved to an area about an-hour-and-a-half from here. It was sad, but we got over it (that makes my family sound heartless). They’ve visited several times, but we’ve never visited their house. So, tomorrow, we’re off to visit their not-so-new house. It’ll be good to see them; we haven’t seen them since January. (For the record, I initially spelt January as Janruary… it’s complicated!)

I’m looking forward to seeing them, even though we’re leaving between 10:00 and 10:30 tomorrow morning; I’m a teenager, I need my beauty sleep (11 hours minimum). I’m currently planning what to wear, which is a perfectly normal thing for a teenage boy to do. Yep. It is. Definitely.

Sunday brings homework, and plenty of it. I have biology, physics and French; it will probably take all day, which is sad. I’ll make sure I blog though, and I’ll make sure I write about yesterday on the way home tomorrow – look interested, at least?

I’m off now, to plan my outfit… Do jeans go with non-hooded jumpers? Or should I wear a jacket?


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