I’m Here

Hey Guys:

Today’s is an early post; it’s currently 04:50! **yawn** How are you? Asleep? Sensible, I’d say…

I just wanted to write a kind of soppy but hopefully reassuring post today. I’m always going on and on to my friends, about how I’m always at the end of my phone for them, if they need someone to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. We all need that at one time or another; we’re all human. I tell them this a lot – I probably annoy them because of how often I say it.

I say it because I mean it; I’ve been in some dark places – there’s no point hiding that -, and I know just how easy it is to think you’re alone. For a long time, when I wasn’t quite myself, I wouldn’t talk to anyone about it because I was too ‘ashamed’, and thought that people would find me needy, and not talk to me any more. When I finally started speaking to a friend about everything, I realised just how wrong I was. Regardless of whether they can empathise or not, real friends will help. They’ll be that listener; they’ll be that shoulder to cry on; they’ll be that supply of rasional advice, when everything seems twisted and against you. And all I had to do? Pick up the phone and tap my friend’s name.

Without this fpiend, I’m not sure if I’d be able to even write this blog, either due to my own faults or a bigger reason. It takes just a phone call, or a text. I say with no doubt that my friend saved me. More people deserved to be saved. And I can make that happen.

Don’t think that I’m only saying this about my friends: I’m not. I’m saying this to all of you guys too, yes you, and you, and you. If you ever have a problem, and let’s face it, we all have those thoughts -, email me, tweet me. Please. I’m here to help you guys, because everyone deserves an equal chance, and everyone deserves a friend.

I hope you guys understand this, and I hope I’ve made myself clear enough.


6 thoughts on “I’m Here

  1. Hey! It’s 4:25 PM where I am actually but totally agree with you. We all need to realise that sometimes we do need help and I’m happy that nowadays people are starting to understand how emotional pain is just as important as physical ones.

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      1. True. Its different for everyone. When I used to have ‘troubles’, it was when people still think that emotional pain was just oversensitive people or exaggeration, I didn’t find a ‘friend’ from school to talk to because they didn’t understand and felt like I was whiny, counsellors constantly fail me, my family were not very attentive but I did find church and i’m thankful everyday for the people there. They were my ’emotional plasters’.

        Being in a community like wordpress always makes me smile because people here are open to listen and support one another. so thank you for being open to it 🙂

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