My Miserable Excuse of a love Life

Hey Guys:


I hope you’ve had a nice day; I’m currently sat in my room, listening to these super high winds we’re having here in the south of the UK. I had to walk through the storm earlier… thatwas, er, fun?


I thought, to match the miserable weather, i’d talk about my love life. It won’t take long, don’t panic. I know you’re busy working, and putting on your washing, and feeding your cat, and shopping. I won’t delay you for much longer. I promise. I do. Honestly. I do.


So, I’ve had crushes, and even one [very] shore relationship; that was one of the best times of my life. But now? Single. And happy/ i’d say so. I’m strong, independent and not a woman. I’m free.


There are some boys [teenagers] who get into relationships so that they can

[A] take pictures of their girlfriend

and then

[B] gloat to their friends. I don’t agree with this; i want a girlfriend/boyfriend who loves me for me, not to show off about me. There’s nothing worth showing off about me really, but it works the other way too. I want to find someone who I love, who gets me, who is interesting, intelligent and funny. I don’t want them to show off to others – can you get more vain?


Sorry for the short post, but I just want to sleep now; I’m tired!


See you later:



7 thoughts on “My Miserable Excuse of a love Life

  1. Very true. I mean, I would want to get together with someone I love, you know? Not someone who will see me as an object and use then throw me away.
    Oh well, it’s not like I’m going to date anyone anyways, so there’s no use talking about it 🙂

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