The Alphabet song? Really?

Hey Guys;

How has your day been? Mine’s been OK; I haven’t felt my best today: just a bit sicky and ill and yuck. But I think I’m over the worst of that now, and i’m on the road to recovery – I hope it’s a rocky road! ;-]

I was thinking, and I thought, and thought, and thought.

The end.

No, i’m kidding! I thought that tonight, I’d write a short speech for you. It’s probably going to be a rubbish speech, because I’m not that great at formal writing. Who said that speeches had to be formal, anyway?

I write this, companions, to spread the word that I wish to, spread? The word is this:
If you’re a young person, you’re likely all too familiar with your parents nagging you about your future, about college, about university. Anyone would think they wanted shot of us, right? i WANT TO SAY this to anyone who’S worried about their next few years: Don’t Panic. There’s more to life than education, and work. There’s friends, and happiness, and joy and love and cake…

Seriously guys, just remember that school, however important it’s made out to be, is just school. It may leave you with a collection of letters and numbers, which supposedly can define your future. Well, you know what? Who cares about numbers and letters:

Letters means the alphabet song, and I was never all that good at singing.

Numbers means counting, and who’s any good at that anyway?

I hope, through the comdy I’ve tried to enthuse this post with, that my message is clear. Because it’s a message I mean, and I want everyone to know.


5 thoughts on “The Alphabet song? Really?

  1. My day was good thank you! Hope you get better soon! And thank you for this post, I’m glad I read it because it made me stress about the future a lot less. Xx

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