When Technology Outgrows Our Grip

Hi Guys:

How was your day? Sorry for a late post tonight; I’ve been out all day – yes, i know, me: with a social life… Impressive!

I wanted to talk today about technology. I know that you’re probably already looking for your back button, already hovering your mouse over the next post in your reader. Wel, STOP RIGHT THERE, HUMAN! For this is an important message to you and to your race, and I’d like to share it with you, and to see what you think.

In light of the Paris attacks, a thought has crossed my mind time and time again. Has technology outdone us? Have we crossed a line? Do we need tostop, take a good look, and assess our posission?

Technology was initially a word used to describe inivative ideas, concieved by a few, intelligent people, that could improve our lives, our society and our planet. There’s no denying that it has done that, and so much more. It hasn’t only improved our lives, it’s changed them. Technology has redeveloped the way we live our daily lives; the way we think; the way we act; the way we make decisions. There has been one constant though, one thing that has never changed: we are the dominent. We are more powerful, and we are in charge.

When technology becomes more powerful than the race it is meant to serve, we have a problem. When is artificial intelligence too smart? When is location tracking too accurate? I think, based on what we have today, we can safely but sadly say that technology is overpowering us. When, as we do, we have technology that is designed and able to end someone’s life, we have overstepped the line.

It’s too late to go back now; the past can’t be changed. I can’t help but feel undescribable sadness when I realise that the monster we have raised from an egg has finally matured, and is flattenign us down, overpowering us and slowly escaping our desperate grip. Of course there’s artificial intelligence, location services and data trackers that cause me to ask exactly the same question, but I think that a machine to end someone’s life? That’s on a completely new level.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Am I rambling on about nothing again?


3 thoughts on “When Technology Outgrows Our Grip

  1. Agree! We should only have technology to help, not harm! We should also focus more on creating medical technology or something rather than high tech weapons or something!

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