Is Humanity Dead?

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And how many more of you there is now, compared to this time 48, even 24 hours ago! I thank you all for that, but I would like to specifically thank
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So, I started on a positive note, but I want to write today about something that troubles me deeply. it may seem very deep to you guys, and maybe I’m overthinking things, but this is merely an insight into my thoughts; I hope you understand:

Last night, one of the most brutal terror attacks in Europe for the last 10 years occurred in Paris, France. I’m not going to write my feelings here on this specifically, but if you’d like to read them, you can find them
. Instead, I want to try and discuss a topic, or a question, that I’ve been pondering over today:
Is Humanity Dead?

ON Twitter, you merely have to click a link, and you’re taken to a list of trending topics that people are talking about. As I write this, more than 24 hours on from the Paris Terror Attacks, the top of the list looks like this:

Started trending in the last hour

19.6M Tweets about this trend

Jonathan Ross
Just started trending

12.6M Tweets about this trend

Paris is still the #2 top trend in the world right now, with over 19.6 million people talking about it. And I can safely bet that 19.5 million of those people will be sending heartfelt, devestated messages, expressing their sorrow at the near 200 deaths last night. Of course, this shows that we are human: we have feelings, we have emotions, and we know, when it comes to it, what is right, and what is wrong.

On Facebook, there has been several elements added to the site in the last day. One, which we have seen before, allows people in the french capital to reassure worried friends and family that they are safe, and OK. There’s also another element, not seen before, which allows people to place the French flag on a temporary profile picture, which includes their own photo, to show support for the city in this time of sadness and loss. This latter element has been widely adopted, with people across the globe showing signs of respect to Paris, and the dead.

I’m not talking about these acts though. I’m not talking about the acts that show that humanity is still alive and going. I’m talking about the acts that provide solid evidence that humanity is dead. And in this case, I haven’t had to look too far. The act itself, the Paris Terror Attacks, prove to even the dimmest among us that, for some individuals, humanity is dead. They have shown no remource for the pain they have caused; no sympathy to the families they’ve broken; no regret for what they’ve done. There can be no clearer proof to me, that for these cruel, twisted individuals, humanity is dead, because there is nothing more inhumane than murdering more than a hundred innocent individuals.

“But,” you say, “this happens every day, in war zones, and in battle fields.”

We remembered wars of past this week, on 11th November, when millions of us stood, for 2 minutes of silence, and gave our respect to those who enable us to be here today. They are the ones who gave us freedom, who gave us hope and who gave us rights. What the sad thing really is, is that the fight for freedom, hope and our rights is still ongoing, abroad. Unlike the Paris Terror Attacks, however, the devestation that occurrs there isn’t documented in the media. It isn’t drawn to the public eye. If it was, i’m almost positive that the same amount of people who are talking about Paris [19.6+] would be talking about it every day. Because every death is a life lost, and every needless death is a life lost needlessly.

Does it make us inhumane, not to honour these people in the same way we’ve honoured the dead in Paris? IS it not wrong that every death in a war is not always recorded and documented, and that every lost man, woman nnd child is not mourned? It just isn’t possible to mourn that many dead, I know, because a minute grieving is an extra minute that could be used against you.

So this leads me to state the ultimate question, that so many people have asked before, and I can safely yet sadly say so many will repaeat after me.

Why is there war?

7 thoughts on “Is Humanity Dead?

  1. I don’t know the answer to that – why there is war. War is awful and will always be something the majority of us despise. Some people in the world however, don’t have normal views like normal people. They’re extremists and would prefer to kill themselves than not do anything. Isn’t that awful? Terrible? Horrible? But what can we do to stop everything?

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  2. Because people want to prove a point. Because people want to kill people, to prove a point. Because people are people, and it’s a natural reaction to kill people. Its fucking disgusting

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