You’ve Got Mail…

Hey Guys

I’m genuinely so excited, and it seems so stupid but I’m so excited for this one little thing: here goes…

THis blog is now emailful! I was going for like the opposite of emailless, but emailful doesn’t seem quite right, but who cares?

Regardless, this blog now has an email address! You can send messages, and I’ll reply directly, to you, in person, with love! How good’s that?

I’ve updated the contact page, and i’ll write the email here: [well, not here because this isn’t the email. I’ll write it on the line below this one I think. Or maybe the line below the line below this one… you never know, do you?]
Email Me by Clicking This Link if You’re too Lazy to Copy the Email Address Above

I hope you guys use this email. Maybe you’d like to talk privately about something, perhaps mentioned in one of my posts. Maybe you want to find out more about me? Maybe there’s a really awkward question that you want to ask. Go ahead, fire an email. I’m waiting…


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