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I know, I took aday off… I’m sorry! Forgive me, please, because I have been doing this blog daily for, like, a week now. A day didn’t hurt you guys, did it? If it did, I’m sorry, I truly am. But I hope it didn’t hurt you, or else you clearly have emotional attachment problems regarding my blog, and need to find help quickly, as if you have emotional attachment issues with my blog, you clearly have those issues with rubbish. Just saying…

I wanted to talk about independence, and what it really means. A lot of people will define independence as something like the following:
The ability to perform tasks and live one’s life without the need of others’ assistance or guidance.

I disagree with this definition. You’ll probably hear independence mainly mentioned in stories about:
[A] countries
[B] women.
I hear it a lot, as I’m always encouraged to be as independent as possible as a blind person, rather than relying wholly on sighted folk to help me. But as I said before, I don’t agre with the typical definition of independence; I think that people who believe that either haven’t thought it through, or don’t understand completely the value of others.

Here’s my definition of independence:
The ability to perform tasks without RELYING on help, but also knowing when to ask for help from others, and having the ability to ask.

I feel that this definition is much more accurate. Life is a multi-person experience; nonoe fo us can go through it alone. Yes, you should be able to be a strong, independent woman, man or child, but that doesn’t mean living out your life alone. Independence is the capability to, well, independently ask for help when it is needed, and work with others if necessary to get a job done. Before you ask, this is defferent from dependency, as if you’re dependent on someone, you rely on them to do things for you. Independence is working with them, but still having the ability to perform most tasks alone if necessary.

This is super important for some people; some are afraid to ask for help, because they think it makes them look helpless or needy. No, it doesn’t. I’d respect ANYBODY who had the self-belief and confidence to ask me for help in anything, however small. Because I still find it scary sometimes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and maybe it’s given you food for thought; let me know in the comments!

Love You All:


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