Depressing Music

Hey Guys!

Two posts in one day… THIS IS LUCKY! If you said that your Friday 13th has finally come true, then I have just one thing to say to you:
So I’m posting again, and I wanted to talk. Yep. I’ll just end that sentence there. I want to talk. No, seriously: I want to talk about music.

I often listen to music that I like [I know, shocking]. Many of my friends tell me that my taste in music is ‘depressing’. I don’t take this to heart; everyone has their own favourite style of music specific to them, and that’s fine and brilliant, and what makes us unique. I admit: a lot of my music is sad, and maybe a bit depressing, but I like it. I think, secretly, that, from time to time, we all like to, and need to, listen to a bit of depressing music, to keep things real. I wonder if that’s just me…

Of course, I have nothing against positive, upbeat, cheerful music – I like to listen to it a lot. But here’s my question to you: is it just me who enjoys[?] listening to depressing music?

Sorry for the short short post, but I wanted to ask that question. I’m going to write a post about music I’ve been listening to recently… maybe three posts in a day? You never know ;-]

Love You All:


12 thoughts on “Depressing Music

  1. I love to listen to a lot of emotional music or emo music and I love a lot of bands and most bands have very meaningful music and some can be depressing

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