This is Early… and School

Hey Guys

Sssssshhhhhh – IT’S EARLY! As I begin to write this, it’s 06:15. To be honest, I wasn’t going to write now; I was going to write to you guys a little later on, but, [potentially too much information], I got out of bed to go to the loo and thought, well, why not? My laptop was awake [morning laptop!], and so was I. sleepblogging… that could be fun, no?

So you may have gathered that this post is currently looking very cheerful and upbeat. That’s the kind of mood I want to be in this morning. I’m trying to calm myself down before school, because I can feel my tummy turning already. But it’s OK, because I have you guys. It’s OK.

So I thought maybe I could tell you about…
Not going to lie, I’m now thinking what I could tell you about… Hmmmmmmmmmm

OK, I’ve decided. I’m going to talk about school. I know, the thing that makes me most anxious in the world, and I’m going to talk about it… smart move, huh?

I enjoy most of the subjects I take at school: maths; English; biology; physics; chemistry; French; history; music and computing. I’m not really a fan of science, specifically not physics, but to be 100% honest, I’m not sure if I don’t like it because I’m bad at it, or if I’m bad at it because I don’t like it. I really like music – I always have; it calms me down, and I have two really great teachers. It’s also quite a small class, which means there’s no putting-up-of-hands to answer or ask questions.

I don’t really do putting-my-hand-up in class; I find the whole concept, well, embarrassing. Why do I want to compete with the kids who always put their hands up first? These are the kids who have private tutors, and come from affluent families. I don’t want to compete, or even try to get the right answers sometimes, because being overly clever can be just as good an excuse for bullies as being thick.

I go to an all-boys school, and I’m not really that keen. I don’t like the all-boys bit. Without sounding arrogant, some [well, most] boys are just so immature and will do anything for attention. I also don’t share interests with them; I don’t like football, or Doctor who. I hae some friends, who mainly think like me; don’t like football or Doctor who. I think I’m in a better posision that way though; having a few friends, but not too many. I have ones who I ‘trust’; I doubt I’d show them this, but I turst them with a fair bit.

So there you have it: my take on school. I’m sorry if this has been a bit boring for you, but with any luck you read it anyway [keep up my views!]

Love You All


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