Losing It

Hey Guys

How was your day? I hope it was good.

I just wanted to write reasonably quickly about losing it. For those who said I’ve already lost it, RUDE. No, I’m not talking about losing the plot, or your marbles or whatever the ‘street’ expression is these days. I’m talking about losing something else, which on paper sounds so trivial, but means so much to me.

So, just now, I realised that the charging port on my phone was broken; none of my cables would fit. TO most people, this would be a disappointment but nothing to serious. I nearly went into full panic mode. I know why: my phone holds my most personal data, the big stuff, the little stuff, the secrets I keep and the secrets I am trusted with. My phone contains the real me; my ideas for my blog, my ideas just for my own pleasure. It holds the moments, happy and sad, which make up my last few years.

Maybe I’m being over dramatic, but the risk of losing all that information, whether it be for a night, 24-48 hours, or forever, sent me into panic. My phone means so much to me; well, the information on it does. There’s always the risk – ALWAYS – that someone might get a glimpse of something that they shouldn’t see, or might read messages or even blog posts not intended for their eyes. That frightens me, but if I had to send my phone away, or give it to a parent to try and fix, that risk increases.

Please, guys: tell me if I’m overreacting? Maybe I am, but I can rely on you to tell me the truth.


One thought on “Losing It

  1. I feel the same way about my phone because I do too keep everything in here (pieces of writing of how I feel especially). I would never want anybody reading through it.

    Are you on a phone aside from iPhone? Are you able to take the memory card and attach it to your computer where you can extract the files?

    Sorry if I’m not being helpful but hope it turns out well!

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