BGTB Week 2: Platforms

Hey Guys

I’m participating in BGTB, and our week 2 topic is blogging platforms. I thought I’d write about blogging platforms, and how they’ve enabled me to find my voice.

Blogging anonymously, on paper, perhaps makes me out to look like a wimp, or like a scred person, ashamed to put my face and name to my thoughts, feelings and ideas. This is not the case; I want to write unbiasedly, and also to hide some of this from the people who [a] I don’t want to see it and [B] who would worry about me and my safety [hiya parents!]. Blogging is currently the only way I’ve found of putting my voice out there without the fear of judgement.

The power of being able to write unashamedly is one that only a few platforms can provide. Social media, of course, isn’t an option; writing a social media post immediately labels my thoughts, ideas and feelings with my name, and leaves me open to harsh criticism from those who are my ‘friends’. Those who I know are my friends – my true friends – have this blog address, and I’m comfortable with them reading this, because they already know the real me, and still stick around.

A blog provides me wit an online way to spread my most heartfelt messages anonymously, and allows me to interact with readers, and see their perspective on something that I’ve written. I love blogging for that reason, and the way in which so many people use it astounds me. Every day I see a post about something that I have an opinion on, but have either never thought about or have never thought to write about it, because it’s just so unconventional. What I’m trying to say here is blogging is not just a platform for me; I see others using it in unique ways every single day. That makes me proud to be part of this community; I hope you, as a blogger or a potential blogger, recognise this too.

So, there you have it. My perspective on the platform of blogging. I know that it’s not really the form of platforms that was suggested but hey, I like diversity. I wanted to write about platforms from my perspective, and so I did.

Ejoy – I’ll probably write later tonight.

See You Later;


5 thoughts on “BGTB Week 2: Platforms

  1. ‘Blogging is currently the only form of putting my voice out there without the fear of judgement’. So true – and why I started a blog too! I love how you can be open, or anonymous, but be able to share your worries, hopes and life.

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