Faking It

Hey Guys

So, i’ll start off with an apology: I’m so sorry that I haven’t written for so long! Well, like three days, but same thing, right? Basically, work got on top of me, and yesterday [Saturday], I was travelling and stressing over delayed trains [somehow, my train was cancelled three times; new stuff, huh?] After this slightly shameful incident of silence, I’ve opted to end the 30 Days of Blogging idea; if anything, it was kinda stressing me out. I’m sorry if this annoys anyone, but I didn’t want to put myself under pressure, especially regarding this blog, which I set up to try and be myself. I am not stressed [well, stressed isn’t me, if that makes any sense], and so by removing stress-creating materials, I’m being me. Esentially, I’m indecisive and stressed. OK? Sorry.

I talked last time about fitting in, and it’s been great to know that my thoughts on that are finally out there. Following a similar train of thought…
Quick diversion: why are thoughts sorted into trains? Does this mean that your train of thought can be delayed? Cancelled? Lie victim to a signal failiure? Can my train of thought have too many passengers, or have a member of crew taken ill? Interesting stuff – hey, an interesting train of thought! I’m pleased with that!
… Anyway, as I said: Following a similar train of thought, I wanted to discuss fake personalities. When I see those two words, a couple of names spring into my head. These anmes are all celebrities, and most of them are from the current series of the Apprentice. OK, fine, they’re not all celebrities, because this show’s contestants are not celebrities, just show-off twits.

The thing I want to talk about is every day people having fake personalities. I bet there are so many people on this earth who do not act, speak and feel on inpulse. Our personalities are who we are meant to be, and there is a fairly simple test to see if we are faking it. If you read a controversial news story for example, speak what you’re thinking before, well, thinking. Speak immediately what comes into your head. This took a little time for me, becausem being the weird [but wonderful? No… please?] person I am, I merely had the inpulse to shout “bananas!” every time. Anyway, if you can perform this test successfully with minimal [well, no] effort required, then you are probably yourself, not faking it. There’s nothing to worry about. If you open your mouth, however, intending to speak but stop yourself, THERE IS A FAKING IT PROBLEM HERE!

Faking it, in modern society, relates to the idea of morphing yourself into a conventional being, to apply yourself to society’s expectations. I’ve given up with this now, because society seems to want me flat on the pavement, moving backwards with a flashing neon sign on my head reading ‘I’m Blind! Attention please!’. Of course, most of your neon signs aren’t going to read the same as mine, but if they do, Howdi Partner, Enjoy the Boat! [Like, being in the same boat… get it?]

So there’s this whole thing with teenagers about the fear of being odd: weird fear, if you will, or strange danger [a play on stranger danger, although that one works too]. I don’t understand the problem with being weird; in fact, I think it’s what makes me individual and unique. Release your inner weird, I say, and set it free into the wild that is the high street. Ah, you say, but what if my friends think i’m, well, weird? Well, my friends [we’re friends, right?], if you hear but one thing from me, hear this:
Your true friends will love you for you, and if the real you is weird and bubbly and exciting and loud, they’ll still like you for all of those things. And if you’re ‘you’ is quiet, shy and nervous, you’ll have friends just like you, who you’ll get on with like a house on fire.

Again, house on fire: who came up with that crap? Getting on like ahouse on fire is not only a negative, but it suggests that one friend [the fire] will be the dominant one, and the other friend will be tough, helpless and slowly falling down. This is not the friendship message that people should be spreading. How about we try and start a new phrase: get on like a house with another house next door, neither of which are on fire and both of which have two floors, three bedrooms and no downstairs loo. Try it – fun challenge!

I’m writing this, and have just come to the conclusion that, although I have a little more to write, it’s on a totally different topic, so I’m going to write it in another post, either tonight or tomorrow morning. I hope this post has been entertaining, helpful and enlightening.

Get Weird!


3 thoughts on “Faking It

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Society tries to mould everyone into its idea of a ‘perfect human being’ and every once in a while people allow themselves to be changed. Whether it’s so they can sit at the popular table at lunch or whether it’s just easier, it’s not right! It’s fake!

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    1. I’m so glad you can understand my view on this. As I wrote this, I was so worried that nobody would understand my point, or nobody would agree. It means so much to me that you enjoyed it; I admire you as a blogger, and your sign of approval has made my day, literally. L XX

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