30 Days of Blogging; Day 8.5: My Exciting News; Well, I find it Exciting


Second time blogging today; this feels new! How was your day? I’m sorry if this morning’s post was a little… disjointed? Hey, let me off, it was early! I got up super early for you guys, but I dread to read it back now, as I fear it will be so messed up.

I promised some exciting news today, but I’m not sure how exciting you’ll all find it. I find it really exciting, but that’s because it’s going to seriously affect my life, for the better.

I’ve passed my application process, and I’m now on the waiting list for a Guide Dog!!! I’m so excited: it’ll be amazing! I currently use a cane; the less experienced blindie might call it a white stick, but its official title is a cane. A Guide Dog is there to replace the cane in every day mobility [getting around], and to compliment the cane skills that I already possess.

I was going to tell you guys this anyway, but I felt urged to tell you quickly because the final assessment [last night] is the reason why I just couldn’t find time to write to you. I’m still really sorry about that, but I hope you didn’t miss me too much!

So, that’s the exciting news. I also wanted to talk about something that I often think about but have never written about. That is expectations, in this case educationally. I’m at a reasonably high-achieving school, and yes, I can already hear you saying “show-off”. It’s a good school, and I know I’ll get a brilliant education there. However, I feel that there is one major issue with it, and I feel that if I don’t learn how to deal with it, my education could be compromised severely. That is expectations.

With the school being a high-achieving educational establishment [fancy words, I know, i’m impressed too], teachers push students to reach above and beyond, and that’s brilliant. The ‘good teachers’ [my title for them] will do it without mentioning it, by giving slightly harder worksheets or questions, or asking students to expand on verbal answers, to improve analysis, or whatever. Then, there are the others, and these are the ones who I don’t like as much. Sure, they’re equally as good at teaching, but they’ll do things that almost frighten me. I strongly dislike confrontation, and will do anything to avoid it. As any human, I also don’t like shame, and, as any person like myself, I don’t particularly like unnecessary competition. So, when a teacher reads out percentages from a test aloud to the whole class, so everyone can see how you did, or places GCSE target grades on the board for every student to see, that scares me. Of course, if I’d done badly, I wouldn’t want that to be on display to everybody. I don’t mind doing badly, as long as I can tell myself why I did badly, and what I can do to improve. Equally, if I did well in comparison to the class, I wouldn’t particularly want that to be common knowledge either; you can get bullied or picked on for both of those things, you know. I’m not the type to show off, and I’d rather have the ones I trust know that I was pleased, and only if they asked.

These teachers, who share everything, of course have a reason for it. They’re trying to encourage people to work harder, to beat their friends, or the person who is ‘top of the class’. I suppose that’s why the school is so high-achieving; it’s a boys school, and I guess boys are stereotypically competitive. I would say i’m completely the opposite, and do not appreciate this encouragement of competitiveness. And, on top of that, I simply don’t want to know what everyone else got, even though everybody else seems to. I’m pure and simply not interested.

what do you think? Maybe you’re the opposite? let me know in the comments.

See You Later:


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