30 Days of Blogging; Day 3: Friends, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Relationships, and the Resst of It

Hey everyone!

How are you? I hope things are going well for you, and that you’ve had a good day. I spent my day partaking in a musical workshop, but I don’t want to focus on that today.

I want to talk about the complications of friendships, relationships and working out where you stand in thewhole situation. As a teenager, it can be complicated, and difficult to determine whom your trust should lie with. Personally, I know that one of my flaws is being too isolated; I deliberately isolate myself to avoid trusting others, and therefore protecting any information that I wouldn’t want, say, on Facebook. Then, of course, there’s the complicated issue of your friends’ freindships with one another, and making sure that there are no explosive personality collisions amongst your friendship circles. I know this latter issue well; I have several groups of friends who don’t mix and don’t know each other, apart from the odd one or two, who generally turn out to be my closest friends. Then, within those groups, there are always little groups, baby groups or, if you will, ‘icklegroups’. This deserves a new paragraph.

Say I was friends with Person X – HELLO TO YOU! I then make friends separately with Y, and Z. If X, Y and Z don’t get along, you [or me, as L] find your/myself in a very awkward posision. I’m in this posision with one of my friends [X], who doesn’t get along whatsoever with my best friend, person Y. In some ways, I would call person X more than my bestfriend, because they’re there for me, no matter what. Yes, I an hear you screaming at me. I know that’s what friends are meant to be for, being there, but there are some who you bond with emotionally, and you know how much you mean to them, and how much they mean to you. I’m sure we all have a friend like this; it’s someone who I would actually say I love, which is rare for me I suppose. But I do love them so much, because I know that they care for me more than anyone else; more than family! They immediately know if something’s wrong, or if I’m hiding something from them, or from myself. They know what makes me smile, what makes me laugh, and what makes tears come to my eyes. They know my worst secrets, and they know my greatest joys.

So, does that above description summarise a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is that what people talk about, when telling their friends about that ‘special someone’? I think so, but does someone who is special to you have to be your boyfriend/girlfriend? Sometimes, things are easier when you’re ‘just friends’ [no, not after a breakup; that’s a whole other story], because the challenges of relationships can break an unbelieveably strong and solid friendship, and turn two inseparable people against one another. In my case, any relationship I’ve ever had has been long-distance. Indeed, there are people with worse situations; my longest long-distance relationship has been around 100 miles, but my best friend lives well over 200 miles away from me, and is 5 years older than me. Age, indeed, is just a number, but within society, age differences are frowned upon. If I went out and told anyone who asked that my best friend was five years older than me, I would immediately be judged, no further questions asked. If I were to ask if they were judging me for it, I would get an indignant no, because that’s how people work.

I know this post has been a little disjointed; I really wanted to get out there what I was thinking. I hope you understand, and I hope that this post has been at least relatable, and at most has made you think. Tomorrow, I’d like to talk about family; I’m meeting a family member tomorrow who I haven’t seen for years.

See You later:


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