Beginner’s Guide to Blogging: Week 1

I’ve decided to take part in Beginner’s Guide to Blogging [BGTB], and I’m using this blog to complete each task. That’s kind of obvious, as it’s my only blog… Yep, I confuse myself too sometimes. This task is an introduction, and I’ve opted to introduce myself as the blogger I dream of being. i’ll talk in depth about why I started blogging, and what I intend to achieve through this blog.

Several times now, I’ve attempted to start a blog, for a multitude of different reasons, some including attention seeking [I’m not going to lie]. They all started the same: great start, and an enthusiastic author [hiya!]. After varying amounts of time [anything up to about 3 weeks], the blog would be doing just fine, with me rambling away. But then, because I could see no immediate results, I began to go off the whole idea, and never posted again. It was vein of me, yes, but it’s how my younger self thought, and there’s nothing I can do about that now.

This blog, however, feels different. I feel older now, more mature, and ready to put out into the world exactly what I feel needs saying. On this blog, I’ve taken time to ensure it has all of the necessary information, taking guidance from a friend, who is hugely responsible for the creation of the mess of letters you see before you [I won’t name and shame; I like them too much for them to be killed!].

The reason that I decided to start blogging again was mainly due to my life in general – I know, how specific! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a blind, male teenager living in London. These facts alone already put me into a very small community: I’m blind, I’m a blind teenager, I’m a blind male teenager. I’m a blogger; i’m a teenage blogger; I’m a teenage male blogger. I’m a teenage male blind blogger. That isn’t a huge category, and I felt that people might be interested to know what things are like from one or more of those perspectives. Of course, you’ll get people who want to do nothing but give me pity, and that’s not what I’m after, because pity gets you nowhere. Yes, there are times where sympathy is appropriate and even helpful, but after so many years of being blind, I’m through that stage.
The other reason I started blogging was a quite common reason. I like to write; I especially enjoy writing creatively, or at least not writing to set terms or boundaries. Writing in my own style – a monologue if you like – has always been my strength in writing, and so I initially assumed that by writing a diary, I could harbour these skills and try to develop them into something that I could take pride in. A diary, however, just didn’t do it for me; I wanted to get my words out there, for people to see and to read and to think about. I eanted people to talk to, and discuss with, rather than just my own words on a screen in front of me. So, aside from social media, blogging seemed like the best option. And, so, I’m here. Hello World.

I hope this introduction interested you, and you’re still reading now. If you have any questions – maybe about how I started blogging, or an extention on something I’ve mentioned -, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get in touch in the comments or through the Twitter page!

See you soon:


4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Blogging: Week 1

  1. I am super happy you decided to take part in #BGTB. This post was amazing! I loved your interpretation on it and hopefully this blog will be a bit better for you!

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