Let Us, Together, Uprise Against Tesco

To be perfectly honest, I’m actually typing this now and have no idea what this post is going to be about. I thought I’d just write – whatever comes, I’ll write. There may be no paragraphs, but who cares. And if there is, great, wonderful. I’m overjoyed. I’ll start a new paragraph here, like this is an introduction of sorts.I think that the person you are is not determined by what others think you should be, although that kind of pressure can be easy to take to heart and mind. The person you are is, well, you. It’s you. Why conform to societal pressure? Why not say ‘hey, today, I’m going to wear a 1zie in public and I’m not going to care. I’m not going to overreact about it, just wear it like it’s a normal jumper, shirt or pair of trousers.’ Why can’t that be you? And if that’s not who you WANT to be, why should that have to be you? Why is it that the minute you step a toe out of line, by wearing green with pink, for example, you get silently accused, as if wearing mismatching clothes is a crime of sorts. Perhaps it is, in the unwritten law book of society, and the prison for convicts is not a physical one but a mental prison, because, however much others would like to punish you for your choices, they can’t. So instead, they treat us like convicts, by staring and mumbling unlikely-to-be-sweet comments under their breaths. But why should we care? So let’s start this together: you, me, your friends and family, whoever you can get. Let’s start a life of not caring about society, as much as we can. If they mutter about us, damn it, mutter about them. Or, better still, march on with a head held high (preferably yours) and without a care in the world. Unless, of course, your boyfriend/girlfriend has just split up with you in which case you have my full permission to burst into tears in Tesco, stomp up and down the shelving aisles in utter dispare and eat all the boxes of Rice Crispies you can find, before rolling one of those trollies at a 16-year-old shop assistant [with their headphones in] and walk out proudly singing We Are the Champions.

Let’s leave it at that for now. I want you guys to read funny bits and then laugh and then come back for more. Actually, let me rewrite that: I need to think of some more funny bits to write.

See you later. [Does that really apply with a blog?]


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